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PAV Auto Attendant + Voice Mail System
Auto-Attendant Voicemail & Audiotex Systems

PAV8020HThe EuroPhone PAV Auto Attendant Voice Mail System is a range of fully featured standalone combined voice-mail, audiotex and auto-attendant systems. They are easy to install and designed to be compatible with most PBXs.
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They provide a fast, efficient and cost effective solution for small/medium sized companies.

The PAV is a low power consumption solid-state and diskless design. All units have  extremely high reliability and durability,and are the best choice for providing enhanced facilities on existing PBX’s at a reasonable cost.

PAV 2045Key Features

Voice Mail System

  • Message appending and forwarding to other mailboxes
  • Message distributions
  • Message notification to internal extension, cellular phone and pager
  • Message waiting lamp on/off control
  • Personal greetings Programmable schedule for message notification
  • Support PBX 2-way recording feature
  • Time and date stamp on each message
  • Variable number of messages per mailbox Wake-up calls


  • 4 levels 170 single-digit menus (PAV 8X)
  • 4 levels 256 single-digit menus (PAV 2050)
  • 4 levels 9 single-digit menus (PAV 2020)
  • Single digit call routing on each menu
  • Auto switch contents of menus by business schedule


  • ACD Hunt Groups
  • Call forward to cellular phone
  • Call forward to mailbox
  • Day, noon, night and holiday greetings
  • Departmental secretary
  • Dialing number translation
  • Extension directory
  • Flexible numbering layout
  • Number repeat
  • Single digit call routing
  • Temporary Announcement
  • Multiple languages
  • Holiday schedule
  • Weekly schedule for business hours


  • Administrator and system password
  • Auto adjusted system time
  • Battery re-chargeable, optional external battery (12V7AH), system is able to run more than 15 hours after power failure
  • Easy set-up and operation through voice instruction menu
  • Plug & play ¡X Hook-flash and CPT parameters auto configuration Remote control / on site programming and voice recording
  • Statistic reports: No-answer/ Ext. busy/ Operator busy/ Incoming calls
  • Wall mountable (PAV8x) CE and FCC approval

EuroPhone PAV Systems compared

  PAV2020 PAV2050 PAV8020H PAV8100H PAV8200H
Voice storage with Flash Memory / CF card 2~2.5hours 4.5~5.5hours 15~25hours 60~102hours 120~204hours
Mailbox 255 255 511 511 511
Audiotex 4 level /
9 single-digit menus
4 level /
256 single-digit menus
4 level / 170 single-digit menus
Integration with PBX DTMF
SLT Interface 2 ports 4 ports, Expandable to 8 ports (by EVM4LC)
Power: 13VDC 0.14A 0.2A (4 ports)¡þ0.38A (8 ports)
Dimensions: L x W x H 25.5cm x 15.5cm x 4.2cm 26.3cm x 19cm x 5.8cm
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