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The unique fibre optic female connector ferrule cleanerHuxcleaner

The HUXaCleaner is a Pen Type Female Adaptor Ferrule Cleaner that enables ferrules to be cleaned without opening the frame panel. It also cleans the connector ferrule 200% more effectively than fibre swabs and costs 50% less than equivalent number of fibre swabs.

The National Electronics Manufacturing Initiative (NEMI) Fibre Optic Signal Performance project recently identified that scratches and/or contamination in the form of particles and even oil from fingerprints often affect the signal performance of connectors. In particular they cause negatively impact insertion loss (IL), return loss (RL), and bit-error rate (BER).

The HUXaCleaner is the ideal tool to solve these problems.


  • More than 500 cleans per HUXaCleaner
  • Costs just 9 pence per clean
  • 2.5mm Ferrule (SC, FC, ST) Cleaning
  • 1.25mm Ferrule (LC, MU) Cleaning
  • Bulkhead/Adaptor Ferrule Cleaner
  • No need to open the frame
  • Uses advanced Cleaning Yarn
  • Removes Water & Oil
  • Easy, Simple and Pocketable
  • Pen Type (1st in the world) " Just click and rotate"


Special Offer ! ! !

2.5mm Model (SC,FC,ST) £20 (GBP) Convert to my currency
1.25mm Model (LC,MU) £20 Convert to my currency