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QuickTest-500 ADSL2+ Tester

QT 500QT 500

The QuickTest 500 Handheld ADSL Tester makes ADSL line testing rapid and simple.


The QuickTest 500 ADSL2+ tester contains all the functionality of the QuickTest 100, with the addition of a simple to use keypad and display, it is now easy to :

  • View Test Progress on the display in Real Time
  • View Simple Pass / Fail Results on the display
  • View Detailed Statistics and Measurements on the display



  • Supports all common ADSL standards from ADSL G.DMT to ADSL2+ Annex L and M;
  • Supports all common encapsulation protocols including PPPoA, PPPoE, MER, IpoA;
  • IP Layer Testing such as Ping, DNS, HTTP, and FTP tests;
  • Optional IPTV Test Application for MPEG2 and MPEG4 IPTV services;
  • Reports Clear Test Progress on the LCD display;
  • Simple Pass / Fail Results;
  • Detailed Statistics and Measurements e.g. DSL Noise Margin, DSL Line rate, DSL Line attenuation through to IPTV Packet jitter measurements.

Price: £435 (GBP) Convert to my currency